"While under the care of Dr. Khaira, I felt very cared for because of her healing presence, kindness, and thoughtfulness. I came to her at a very stressful time in my life, which impacted my moon cycle, body weight, emotions, and sleep. Dr. Khaira helped lift me out these symptoms by treating the root, with her synergistic and gentle treatments of constitutional homeopathy, cell salts, Bach flower essences, botanical medicine, mind body healing, physical activity, nutritional medicine including introducing me to the seed cycle diet, and western diagnostics and labs. While working with Dr. Khaira, I started feeling vital again and whole again, and I’m grateful for her help and feel absolutely blessed that she’s been a part of my healing journey." - RP

"Dr. Khaira is the best! Before our visit I had never met with a naturopathic doctor before. After dealing with numerous ongoing health concerns including chronic acne, anxiety and hormonal imbalances I decided to consult with Dr. Khaira. From the beginning of our correspondence, Dr. Khaira was extremely professional and thorough. In preparation for my online consultation, I filled out a thorough intake form about my health history. It was clear she had reviewed this carefully prior to our meeting so that she could ask me more in-depth questions during our online consultation. For two hours, we had detailed conversations about my health. I have never felt like a doctor empathized with my concerns so much. She made me feel like there was hope for dealing with issues that had been bothering me for years despite many attempts at addressing them with other doctors. She gave me practical health advice and prescribed a detailed supplement regimen plan that was conducive to my hectic lifestyle of constant traveling. Since our meeting I am so thrilled to say my skin, hormones and overall wellbeing feel more in balance than they have in a very long time. I highly recommend anyone interested in taking control of their health invest in an appointment with Dr. Khaira." - TT

“Dr. Khaira has completely transformed my mental and physical health with her extensive knowledge of naturopathic medicine. She's a talented practitioner with a kind heart who truly works to help you better your life whether you need in person visits or over the phone check ins. I've since referred friends and family to her because I trust they're in the best care with her expertise.” - AR