Dr. Kiran Khaira studied naturopathic medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, after which she completed a residency in naturopathic primary care at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health in Seattle, WA.

Dr. Khaira holds a license to practice the full scope of naturopathic primary care medicine in Washington State. In Ohio Dr. Khaira works with clients as a health consultant in their individual journey to wellness.* She uses a combination of the best natural medicines from around the world, according to each individual's unique needs. For people unable to travel to Columbus, OH, Dr. Khaira provides on-line consultations. 

At the National University of Natural Medicine, Dr. Khaira completed required coursework and supervised clinical practice in basic clinical sciences, pharmacology, botanical medicine, minor surgery, IV therapy, homeopathy, nature cure, nutrition, environmental medicine, physical medicine and hydrotherapy. Additionally, during her time in naturopathic medical school, Dr. Khaira promoted food as medicine, healthy eating habits and practical recipes as a member of the Food as Medicine Everyday Program. She worked with the program to provide free nutrition education and cooking classes for the general public in Banks, OR and the prison population at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Dr. Khaira also has a passion for international health, which lead her to participate in a trip with Naturopaths Without Borders to Panahachel, Guatemala to help provide free medical care and shadow at a local free clinic. 

Her residency at Bastyr Center for Natural Health involved seeing patients side by side with highly experienced naturopathic physicians in the main clinic and community clinics, supervising naturopathic medical students on her own teaching shift and also seeing patients on her private shift. Additionally, she participated in a weekly evidence-based medicine journal club and set aside time to meet weekly to discuss complex cases with her mentor, Dr. John Hibbs, an expert in environmental medicine, often sought out to treat the most difficult chronic gastrointestinal cases, autoimmune disorders and neurodegenerative disorders.

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I am passionate about working with people who are ready and excited to take their health into their own hands! I often work with people who are fed up with their chronic conditions, such as autoimmune disorders, metabolic syndrome, skin issues, gastrointestinal complaints, hormone imbalances etc. and want to find natural ways to reclaim their health. If you are sick of taking medication to just mask symptoms, I can work with you to get to the root causes of your health conditions. If you are frustrated with being told your labs look fine, but you still don't feel great, I will work with you to dig deeper and help you to figure out what else might be going on. And if you are looking for natural therapies to complement your current treatment regime, I am able to help you navigate this integrative approach. 

In a nutshell, I often work with people who have become limited by their health concerns and want to become healthy enough to live their lives to the fullest. I also find it very rewarding to work with people who want to take a preventive approach now and take steps to help avoid disease in the future; now that's a great approach to health! Whatever your health concern, I  want to help you thrive!  

Your appointments with me will be longer than you are used to; about 90 minutes for your first visit and 45 minutes for your follow up. That is because I want to hear your story. I have found that, in addition to all of the rigorous training and experience, listening is essential to providing great care. If I pushed you out the door in 15 minutes, there is no way that I would have time to pick up on all of the multitude of different factors that could be contributing to your current state of health and wellness.

After your appointment, instead of just giving you recommendations that would solely mask symptoms, I work with you to understand the underlying causes of your condition(s), and develop a collaborative plan to help you achieve higher levels of health. Recommendations are always rooted in the naturopathic principles and may include herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, mind-body therapies, homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage, lifestyle recommendations and/or supplements. 

If you have any questions about my approach or to see if naturopathic medicine is a good fit for you, schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to find out.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to wellness.

In Health,

Dr. Khaira


*Currently, Dr. Khaira cannot provide the full scope of naturopathic primary care services in Ohio and requires all patients to be working with a licensed primary care physician. The Ohio Naturopathic Doctors Association (OHNDA) is working to license qualified naturopathic doctors in Ohio! 


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

-Thomas Edison


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